A Lot to Learn from Amazon.com : Prime Now

A warehouse which looks like a total mess. Or is it? Maybe it is just a perfectly intelligent way of storing and shipping more than 25.000+ variety of items.

Have you ever heard of “Prime Now”, Amazon.com’s service which is a very fast and smart delivery system working in the USA.

It offers 25.000+ products across 25 categories including groceries, household items, electronics, gifts, seasonal items, and more. Furthermore for some areas it offers restaurant and local store deliveries within 1 hour as well.

amazon prime now warehouse

Amazon prime now warehouse

All you have to do is to choose the ZIP code you are in and fill your basket, then select 1 or 2 hours delivery and wait. Also you can choose a certain time frame for the delivery hour you prefer.

So now you know what Amazon Prime Now is I strongly recommend you check this video and see what kind of solution they have for optimizing warehouse storage and efficient picking of the products, so that they can provide this changing fast delivery to their customers.

See video from Business Insider here :  http://www.businessinsider.com/inside-amazon-warehouse-2016-8

Irrelevant items stored together in the shelves and it doesn’t make any sense when you see a carton of milk between a Resident Evil DVD and a moisturizer. This may not be meaningful for a person but it is meaningful for the computers and computers are the ones nowadays to tell people what to do!

This is how Amazon Prime Now works when you create a new order.


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