Game of Thrones Characters in the Supply Chain

Game of Thrones in Supply Chain

Have you ever wondered what jobs would Game of Thrones characters do if they were in the Supply Chain Business?

Eddard (Ned) StarkSupply Chain Director

Eddard (Ned) Stark Supply Chain DirectorNed Stark is possibly the only character in Game of Thrones that everyone likes and respects. He is kind, loyal, thoughtful and always thinking for the overall benefit for everyone. Everyone respects him. He would definitely be a perfect Supply Chain Director, loved and respected by everyone in his company. Everyone in the Supply Chain would like to do all the tasks that they are asked for by Ned Stark, because they trust him and count on him. Nobody would ever want to let him down!

Catelyn (Cat) TullyInventory Planner

Catelyn (Cat) Tully 	Inventory Planner

She has a sense of duty and a strong moral compass. She is protective and likes to control things to the deepest details. She thinks from different perspectives and tries to do the right thing even if it is the hard job for her. She would be a very good Inventory Planner as she will try to minimize inventory levels while keeping a safe stock level to meet the sales demands. She would also try to explain Demand Planning team the importance of accuracy and how it effects inventory levels over and over again. She might be repetitive but she is telling the truth only and should be respected.

Daenerys Stormborn TargaryenProduction Planning

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen 	Logistics Specialist

She appears timid, but she also has a leader’s confidence. She likes challenges and good at influencing people. Everyone hates plan revisions in the factory but it is usually compulsory and needs to be done eventually. So it is important to convince people and get them on board with it.  She can have the team get in action and revise the plan quickly.

Jon Snow – Warehouse Manager

Jon Snow Warehouse Manager

Jon Snow is silent but he is very cool. He is good at protecting things as he is devoted to it once he has the responsibility on his shoulders. There is no doubt he can protect the warehouse from all dangers like low stock accuracy, bad cycle count results, hazardous stock safety, and any kind of forklift accidents.

Tyrion (The Imp) Lannister – Distribution Planner

Tyrion (The Imp) Lannister 	Distribution PlannerHe has a brilliant mind. He can be underestimated by people but this is usually turns out to be on his advantage. He can be a good Distribution Planner as he would have the best conversations with the customers in case of any possible problems and convince them easily. Also he can make perfect plans and he prevents most of the problems as he has the ability to guess the results of actions taken.

Bran StarkDocker

Bran Stark 	Docker

He may not seem very active around but he is doing a very hard job. He tries to control big machines and cranes with his mind (and maybe using his hands too :) ) and he is very good at seeing the big picture. He needs to focus on his job because there is no place for mistakes, it is a very critical job and needs attention.
Sansa StarkForecasting

Sansa Stark 	Forecasting

Sansa is not a type of person who can be in the operation. She is more likely to focus on her own thing; after that she waits and wishes deep from her hearth for the best to happen. She is always hopeful everything will get better and she does all she can do for it. But she feels she has limited action capability. Once Sansa releases the forecast for the future sales, you can be sure that she did her best and she is sincerely wishing that it will have high accuracy. And she gets very upset if real demand do not meet the forecast.

Arya StarkMaterials Planner

Arya Stark 	Materials Planner

Arya is quickly taking action. She is much focused and result oriented. There is no doubt she can be a very good Materials Planner. Also she likes exploring new things and she is not afraid to try them. She can find good alternative materials. Also she can get along with different cultures so she can deal with the suppliers easily.

Cersei LannisterPurchaser

Cersei Lannister 	Purchaser

Cercei looks nice and innocent at first sight but she is a tough person. She is hard to be convinced and she always have B and C plans in her mind. She cannot settle for a good deal, she needs to have the best deal every time! She can be the best Purchaser as she likes to be in control she is constantly seeking for new opportunities that will advance her position.

Ser Jaime (The Kingslayer) LannisterTrucker

Ser Jaime (The Kingslayer) Lannister 	Trucker

Jaime is a cool person and he is always doing his business without dealing with other people. He has to be the boss of himself and he cannot have any strings around.

Petyr (Littlefinger) BaelishLogistics Specialist

Petyr (Littlefinger) Baelish 	Production Planning

Baelish is very good with dealing with different cultures. This is something very important for a Logistics Specialist as he is getting materials and goods from all around the world. He also likes to have things under his control and he needs to have all the information on his hand. He even have some information which do not seem to be relevant, but it can turn out that this information is the explanation of a late delivery. He is very good at seeing the big picture and using the information he has perfectly.

Khal DrogoForklift operator

Khal Drogo	Forklift operator

Khal Drogo likes challenge. He would seem aggressive as he takes quick actions but he has a good hearth inside and he has a sense of humor. He is physically strong and can do several lifts before he takes a break.

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