Drawiing container ship in a meeting

Your Meeting Notes Are Giving You Away

It can be an ordinary day at work and you might just be in a regular meeting that you attend every week or day. Everything might seem all normal and usual.

All of a sudden, you might find yourself drawing some bizarre shapes in your notebook or agenda, and you have no idea.

As a matter of fact your meeting notes are giving you away! But how? See what physiologists say about the drawings that we make when we are under different moods.

Circles: Circles define eternity, being complete, united and caring, protective. People whose heart is full of love and Read more

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Supply Chain KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

There are many K.P.I.s (Key Performance Indicators) in the Supply Chain. Companies set their goals for the year and keep track of it periodically (weekly, monthly, quarterly) to see how they are going and what they need to focus on more to achieve end-year targets.

KPIs are not always meaningful by themselves. You need to have a balanced scorecard Read more

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