Transportation Friendly Products – Efficient Packaging Design

These watermelons were first developed by a Japanese Farmer Kagawa over 30 years ago. He also has the patent for this “product”. They are perfectly shaped like cubes and moreover they are equally sized. This makes them so easy to stack and transport. This way you can minimize the empty spaces that you should carry around in your truck. I am not sure about the taste, tough. I never had the chance to taste any of these but I must admit it feels a little weird; or maybe I am too much conservative!

It is likely that we will see more fruits and vegetables being grown in similar ways in the future. Our resources are limited and we need to make sure that their production, transportation, sales and usage in home can be easier and more efficient.

cube, shape, sphere, watermelon, fruits, fruit logistics, volume, efficiency

Cube shaped watermelons

Some nuts and legumes are also being packed with vacuum machines in order to reduce the air in the packs and give the pack a shape of a rectangular prism so it can be stacked more efficiently in the boxes to help reduce shipping costs as well as inventory keeping cost.

vacuum, packing, package, efficiency, volume, packaging design

Vacuumed nuts and legumes

Ikea can be one of the no.1 companies in the packaging design of their products. They like cost saving so much as they aim to sell their nicely designed products with more reasonable prices to many people. You can buy a similar chair in some other store with double price but Ikea offers it to you in half price. OK, you need to make the assembly by yourself but this is something fun for many people and it gives some kind of “success achievement feeling” when you are done with it. This is also a good marketing strategy to make you come back just for this feeling. Enough with the Marketing now, we were talking about Supply Chain! Ikea thinks about the shipment right from the beginning! They design the chair in a way that it can be put in the smallest volume of box. Or if not in the smallest volume of box they design it in a way that it can be stacked side by side, or one within the other to save more space in the boxes, trucks, containers, etc.

Tetris like packing, tetris, box, unmounted, pre-assembly, cost efficient box, ikea box, ikea, packaging design

Boxes of unmounted chairs that can be stacked side by side easily, like a tetris

stackable, chair, stackable chair, Ikea, Ikea chair, modern

Stackable modern dining chairs by Ikea

They don’t only design their own products “logistics friendly”, they also co-operate with their suppliers for the same objective. These candles are a good example to show how much can be made with a little redesign in packaging. This just basically shows the importance of Packaging Engineering. So much can be done with packaging design.

packing, Ike, Candles, ikea packing, ikea candles, ikea packing, packaging design

Re-design of Ikea candles packing

But this is not the most of it. It can also be done more efficiently by hexagonal packing.

sphere square volume

Sphere vs Square

hexagonal packing square packing

Hexagonal packing

These are of course made with cost saving purposes at the beginning. But they are also good for our earth. The less package used means less environmental pollution. Also every shipment means more carbon emission, although Logistics is a big part of our Supply Chain Process it is important to have it as efficient as possible for the sake of our Earth.

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