Drawiing container ship in a meeting

Your Meeting Notes Are Giving You Away

It can be an ordinary day at work and you might just be in a regular meeting that you attend every week or day. Everything might seem all normal and usual.

All of a sudden, you might find yourself drawing some bizarre shapes in your notebook or agenda, and you have no idea.

As a matter of fact your meeting notes are giving you away! But how? See what physiologists say about the drawings that we make when we are under different moods.

Circles: Circles define eternity, being complete, united and caring, protective. People whose heart is full of love and have a sense of humor like to draw circles.  They like to get people together but they don’t want to be too much popular. I guess I am drawing the circles on Fridays mostly, I must admit. :)

meeting notes

Parallel lines: Calm people draw parallel lines. They are the kind of people who know what they exactly want. I can see Logistics people draw these often, after all they know how to keep calm in truck delays, etc. Keep Calm and Love Logistics!

Meeting notes

Squares: Serious and decisive people, who like being on the safe side. Sounds like a Planning Manager to me.


Birds: People who draw birds have a good imagination. They like to dream big. They like travel, adventure. Purchasing is a good match for this category.


Triangles: They like to learn and try new things. They want excitement. They like though decisions, they are convinced hardly but once they agree on a decision they never give up on it. This reminds me of my past Material Planning colleagues in my previous Production Planning jobs.


Cubes: Practical, realistic, trustworthy. Likes to be confident. Warehouse is full of these people.


Hearts: Emotional people like drawing hearts in every possible occasion. And people who are in love. When you see this happening you can know that this person is not really “in” the meeting at that time :)


Flowers: Mostly females are drawing flowers according to the study. They are sensitive and friendly. Maybe they are just Demand Planners who are very positive for every forecast they make and they always wish for the best accuracy. Which is not very likely to happen but they still have hope for it.


Fish: This was not in the study but I just love drawing fish. I can draw fish for pages, I hope they will also study to find out what this means. Maybe I just love them and it doesn’t mean anything.


Container Ships: This can show that this person is a little to much into the supply chain. Maybe they like their job too much, and maybe they need annual leave :)


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